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Who We Are

We are a company specialized in developing customized solutions in order to meet the needs of each telecom operator with the aim of increasing the quantity of their users and become more competitive.

Our solutions have been present on the market since 2001, making us a pioneer company in Latin America on developing broadband value-added solutions. So far, Antica has been recognized by multiple Latin America Operators, highlighting us as a trustworthy company that provides effective, efficient and functional solutions with a high added value.


Antica is currently working with 11 Telecom Operators, in countries such as Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Panama.



We facilitate the interaction of the diverse systems from the Telecom Operators with all types of users, regardless of their status or profile, providing an efficient communication that allows information flow and offer fair payments in real time, through flexible, robust and scalable solutions developed by top industry professionals.



To be present on all continents to allow as many telecommunications users to be informed at all times of their current status and the options they may acquire.



Customer Orientation

Our customers are always in first place to us. We listen to them, we study their needs and expectations in order to focus all of our efforts to generate the highest value to them.


We are committed to benefit our customers through solutions that fit their specific characteristics and requirements.


We always act with honesty and transparency, in everything we do.


We create sustained value for our customers.

Continuous Innovation

We are constantly improving our products, services and business processes.