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Self-Service Web

Fixed / Mobile Subscriber Self-Service, via web

Having deployments since 2001, and being the first company to adopt the model “Captive Portal in Mobile Operators”, ANTICA has positioned itself today as a regional leader in Massive Subscriber Self-Service Solutions via Web, through a Carrier-Class platform, highly scalable and with high availability levels.

Antica IWRS - Interactive Web Response System

IWRS is Antica’s platform to establish communication with a Telecom Operator subscriber’s base. Just like IVR / IVRS are very effective to take calls from phone users, IWRS is the evolution of self-service platforms via web.

IWRS has been successfully deployed on mobile operators (2G, 3G and 4G) and fixed networks (DSL and CATV), in order to effectively stablish standard dialogues (product purchasing, buying credit, billing, etc.) and processes that are specific to certain operators. In many of our clients, most of their purchasing transactions for data packages or buying credit pass through our platform, positioning it as the most significant sales channel.

Built on typical technologies for Critical-Mission Environments, IWRS is a distributed – high performance solution that can be deployed with no single points of failure, adhering to the highest standards of high-availability.

Furthermore, the modular design allows for growth based on traffic demand, enabling adaptability of the operator’s needs in every stage of their growth.

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Antica SESS - Smart Experience Service Selection


SESS is a Carrier-Class Platform for Telecommunications Service Activation, which exhibits a high capacity web interface that allows thousands or millions of users to activate, customize or deactivate services without the need to generate work-orders within the organization.

SESS integrates itself with the network elements (GGSN, DSLAM, AAA, CMTS, HLR, Routers, Firewalls, SBC, etc.) and IT Systems (CRM, ERP, POS, Virtual Branch, etc.) providing a fluid and real-time communication between heterogeneous environments, and offering instantaneity to users when requesting service upgrades.

SESS removes manual technical processes, which are mostly responsible for errors and network delay.

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Antica Scheduler

3GPP standards do not consider asynchronous processes to be executed over the network, in response to operations triggered by Back-office systems or users.

Antica Scheduler is an Event Scheduler Platform, with high availability and scalability, which can manage asynchronous processes over the entire user base.

Having the possibility to deploy asynchronous processes on users (Product recurrence, Bonuses, Restart in Billing Cycle, etc.) allows the Operator to have powerful tools to implement more innovative services which increase user loyalty.

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Antica Admin

When deploying a distributed platform, which serves users from different segments and from different regions / areas of the country, a centralized management of this platform is essential.

Antica Admin is a Web 2.0 application that provides access to Telecom Operators to:

– Administration on the Product’s Catalog and Pricebooks
– Configuration over the Platform’s parameters
– Operational tools (i.e. Batch Processors)
– Text and Graphics Management Resources


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Antica CMS

Antica CMS (Content Management System) enables telecom operators to alter banners, images, links and text from a management interface without the need to modify HTML from web portals.

Within the Graphics Resource Manager it is possible to define links and texts, and upload images or complete static websites which remain available to be deployed from the Portals.

Despite the platform´s distributed design, which can be deployed even from different datacenters and different cities, Antica CMS takes charge of resource changes to all operating nodes, in a matter of seconds.


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Antica Business Reports

Antica’s platforms are a fundamental part of the Business of Telecom Operators, and they collect a significant amount of data from the subscriber’s operations performed on the platforms.

Antica Business Reports consolidate data generated from different operational nodes in an OLAP database, allowing the transformation of millions of records into useful information for Product Managers and decision makers.

– Portal Access Evolution
– Portal Total Purchase Evolution
– Income contribution to every available product in the Portal
– Quantity of unique intervened users

All information available in PDF format (executive report) o XLS (analysis report)

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Geo - Redundancy Option

Since Antica´s platforms are responsible for a significant part of the operator’s revenue, and considering the geographical characteristics of our region, it is fundamental to every operator to implement their platforms in a geo-redundant array that enables them to have operational continuity even before natural disasters that may affect a particular region.

Geo – Redundancy option is a hardware and software configuration that with the addition of more nodes enables a joint operation between nodes deployed in various regions. The main objective is to allow an independent but coherent operation between distributed nodes, so as to continue the operation in case of complete disconnection of some of the nodes.

To do this, ANTICA works hand in hand with the operators in order to support them in setting up a redundant network topology configuration among sites (low convergence period) and set the platform in a geo – redundant mode.

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Wifi Offload/Hotspots Option

The enormous importance that WiFi is taking, as a technology that allows expanding the operator’s footprint at a low cost, or solve network access problems at points of high concentration, makes it necessary to deploy ad-hoc infrastructure that allows providing the service (WAC, Portal, AAA, etc.)

By means of the WiFi Offload Option it is possible to implement over IWRS an authentication portal for the operator’s mobile subscribers, enabling MAC addresses association from WiFi devices to the subscriber’s MSISDN, in order to implement WiFi / Mobile convergence. In addition, Antica AAA can perform user’s authentication via RADIUS from the WAC.

Similarly, using WiFi Hotspots Option it is possible to implement an authentication portal over IWRS to any user connected to an Access Point, deploying collecting systems that allows the use of existing WiFi infrastructure for additional revenue generation.

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