Service Orchestration

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Service Orchestration

Value-Added Services Areas from Telecommunication Operators normally face complications when trying to model or implement new services in order to meet customer’s expectations.

  • Heterogeneous networks, implemented by different manufacturers
  • Integration between network elements and IT systems (IT areas or computing)
  • Network features not available on production software releases
  • Models of services not covered by 3GPP standards, and therefore not in the portfolio of traditional manufacturers

ANTICA Orchestrator facilitates the release of innovative services not normally available from traditional manufacturers, by deploying an orchestration platform that allows different systems or elements to be able to interact in real time, robustly and with high levels of efficiency and availability.

Antica Orchestrator

Flow Designer
It is probably the fastest adoption of ANTICA’s Product Portfolio, since it solves a very recurrent problem in all Telecommunications Operators.

It consists of a Real-Time Orchestration Framework, with adapters to the Operator’s Network and IT Area (or Computing), which integrates in itself the industry’s best practices on a single product.

  • Java Business Integration
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • Business Process Management
  • IT Protocols: HTTP, WS, SOAP, RPC, REST
  • Network Protocols: LDAP, Diameter, Radius, UCIP, SMPP, SMTP, SMNP, etc.

With Antica Orchestrator,Orchestrator you can define workflows for “Service Transaction”, that comprehend small operations over different elements (Network or IT) in a single integrated flow, thus avoiding the need to implement and interconnect IT and Network buses.

Antica Orchestrator runs on a redundant and robust hardware configuration with a leading industry OS and on widely accepted Application Servers as a way to be adopted with simplicity in various and diverse productive environments.


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Antica WSAPI

WSAPI WSAPI (Web Service API) consists of a set of APIs that are exposed to the telecom operator in order to perform transaction processes on the subscriber’s base in a simple and consistent way.
It seeks to build “authoritative” transactions that can be consumed by different applications so as to avoid integrations with every single element, as it has been happening with multiple operators.


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SMS/USSD Connector

It allows incorporating to the workflow of a “service transaction” process entries coming from SMS or USSD, and in turn generating outputs that can go to subscribers via these protocols.


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Antica Scheduler

3GPP standards do not consider asynchronous processes to be performed over the network, in response to operations triggered by back-office systems or users.

Antica Scheduler is an Event Scheduling Platform, with high availability and scalability, which can manage asynchronous processes over the entire subscriber base.


Being able to implement asynchronous processes on users (Product recurrence, Bonuses, billing cycle restart, etc.) provides the operator with powerful tools to implement more innovative services that can increase user loyalty.

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